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DateApr. 19, 2022

Spend a Day at the Mandalay Canals near Dallas

Inspired by the famous canals of Venice, the Mandalay Canals wander through shops, restaurants, and ...

DateApr. 14, 2022

Print Your Memories with Dallas Photo Labs

Whether you have just returned from vacation or snapped fun pics around town, the photo labs around Dallas can bring your images to life. They offer everything from 4x6 prints to large...

DateApr. 08, 2022

Find the Perfect Pottery at Studios around Dallas

DFW is a hub for all different types of art, and its pottery scene awaits you with a full plate. Marvel at the tons of pots and other merchandise engraved with artistic prowess, fantas...

DateMar. 24, 2022

Take Riding Lessons from Equestrian Schools in Dallas

Whether you're experienced in horsemanship or thinking about saddling up for the first time, local equestrian schools can help you get started. Taking a few lessons will teach you ...

DateMar. 11, 2022

Sample the Varieties at Cheese Shops in Dallas

There is a Cuban proverb that says “cheese, wine, and a friend must be old to be good.” Luckily, local cheese shops allow you to stock your cupboard with artisan cheeses and wine or at...

DateFeb. 24, 2022

Dine at Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Dallas

The people of Dallas love their pets, as you can tell from the many pet-friendly activities around the city, including dog parks, pet shops, and pet salons. You'll also find severa...

DateFeb. 11, 2022

Mark Your Calendar for These Cultural Festivals in Dallas

Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant culture of Dallas when you attend some of the local festivals. Sample the various cuisine, enjoy live music and entertainment, and shop for loc...

DateFeb. 03, 2022

Keep Your Ride Looking New at Dallas Car Washes

If it has been a while since you cleaned your car, head to a local car wash. The friendly team will clean your vehicle inside and out and have your wheels looking like new in no time.<...

DateJan. 28, 2022

Learn to Play like a Rockstar with Guitar Lessons in Dallas

What makes guitarists a special breed these days? Guitarists can hammer, bend, finger, vibrate, slide, pick up and down, slur, play with teeth, play with palm, tap, or use many dynamic...

DateJan. 06, 2022

Enjoy an Afternoon of Pampering at Dallas Nail Salons

When you want to enjoy a manicure or pedicure, the nail salons around Dallas have you covered. They'll keep your nails looking great and may also offer other quality services like ...

DateDec. 28, 2021

Visit Local Bakeries for the Best Cupcakes in Dallas

Cupcakes are pint-sized pieces of perfection that are sure to bring joy to any day. Now, thanks to these great bakeries, you can enjoy your favorite cupcake concoction anytime you like...

DateDec. 10, 2021

Take in the Arts at Cultural Centers in Dallas

Whether you want to explore exhibits, meet artists, or enjoy exciting events, head to a local cultural center. You'll learn about places near and far, and there's always someth...

DateNov. 23, 2021

Enjoy Breathtaking Performances from These Dallas Dance Companies

For a fun evening out, take in a performance by one of the best dance companies in the Metroplex. Each company is known for its impressive moves and is sure to keep you entertained fro...

DateNov. 05, 2021

Bring Friends Along for a Game of Paintball in Dallas

A hide-and-seek and tag game rolled into one, paintball is an action-packed game enjoyed by millions around the world. When you're ready for some competitive fun, the best paintbal...

DateOct. 22, 2021

Warm Up with Hot Chocolate from These Dallas Shops

When there's a chill in the air, a cup of hot chocolate offers a delicious and comforting way to warm up. Whether you enjoy a classic variety or one that's more gourmet, severa...

DateOct. 06, 2021

Have Some Fall Fun at Pumpkin Patches Near Dallas

If you're looking for some fall fun, head to a nearby pumpkin patch. Along with finding the perfect pumpkins, you may also be able to enjoy some apple cider, corn mazes, and much m...

DateSep. 29, 2021

Explore the West End Historic District in Dallas

Called the ultimate destination, the West End Historic District is "where every brick tells a story." It's rich in history and innovation and draws visitors who come to s...

DateSep. 15, 2021

Get a Fresh New Cut at These Dallas Hair Salons

Dallas' salons create stylish looks for both men and women. They help clients look and feel their best and stay current on the latest trends. The best salons near our apartments in...

DateSep. 03, 2021

Go On a Boat Tour near Dallas

When the sun is brightly shining, gather your friends and enjoy an exciting day on the water. Several local boat tour companies offer memorable adventures you won't soon forget. Th...

DateJul. 28, 2021

Fill Your Home with Beautiful Plants from These Dallas Shops

Lately, there has been a massive boom in the popularity of indoor plants. This fascinating new trend makes sense: plants help decorate your space, filter and purify the air, and improv...

DateJul. 14, 2021

Get Fierce at a Kickboxing Class in Dallas

When you're ready for a fast-paced workout, enroll in a kickboxing class in Dallas. Kickboxing offers a fun way to boost your energy and improve your posture as you learn new moves...

DateJun. 09, 2021

Delicious Chicken Dishes from Dallas Eateries

From chicken sandwiches to crispy fried chicken, several local Dallas restaurants offer an array of chicken favorites to-go. You can order at the drive-thru and enjoy your meal at your...

DateJun. 04, 2021

Where to Find the Best Bento Boxes in Dallas

If you want to try something new for lunch, order a bento box from a nearby restaurant. Of Japanese origin, these boxes usually hold a single-portion takeout meal featuring fish or mea...

DateMay. 25, 2021

Explore The City with Exciting Self-Guided Tours in Dallas

Head outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds of Dallas. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Consider planning an adventure using one of these a...

DateMay. 18, 2021

Where to Go Disc Golfing in Dallas

A rapidly growing sport, disc golf is played much like golf—only players use a flying disc. You can play alone or compete with a group. When you're ready for some outdoor fun, head...

DateMay. 14, 2021

Treat Yourself to One of These Breakfast Spots in Dallas

Breakfast can set the mood for your whole day. Enjoy sweet pancakes, savory omelets, or hardy breakfast sandwiches at these cafés. Even better, these delectable breakfast and brunch jo...

DateMay. 07, 2021

Salads in Dallas That Will Make Your Next Lunch Shine

Nothing beats a refreshing salad with all of your favorite toppings. Several local restaurants nearby offer high quality salads to keep you energized all day. You can order from home a...

DateApr. 16, 2021

Enjoy Texas Opera from Home

Staged dramas set to music, operas entertain audiences from start to finish. Today, Texas is home to several renowned opera companies that you can enjoy from home. Here are three of t...

DateApr. 09, 2021

Take Virtual Art Classes in Dallas

No matter who you are or what your skill level is, art doesn't discriminate. It's a fantastic hobby to do from home since you can create worlds from your imagination. Have fun and imp...

DateMar. 17, 2022

Sample Local Drinks at the Top Dallas Distilleries

Whether you're tasting the signature local beer, learning a tale of precision brewing, or admiring masterful cocktailing, you'll love visiting local distilleries. You'll ex...

DateNov. 18, 2021

Spend a Fun-filled Day at Dallas' Texas Discovery Gardens

Nestled in historic Fair Park, the Texas Discovery Gardens is an urban oasis filled with natural wonders. It stretches 7.5 acres and wants every visitor to leave with the knowledge to ...

DateNov. 12, 2021

Enjoy Cocktails at the Best Rooftop Bars in Dallas

After a long day, kick back and relax with friends at a rooftop bar. You'll take in spectacular city views as you enjoy your favorite adult cocktails. The best rooftop bars near ou...

DateOct. 29, 2021

Have Fun Go-Karting in Dallas

If you are looking for a unique way to compete against your friends, enjoy some go-karting fun. As you discover your inner race car driver, you'll complete several hair-raising tur...

DateAug. 27, 2021

Visit These Bowling Alleys in Dallas for a Night of Fun

One of the world's fastest-growing sports, bowling brings people of all ages and athletic abilities together. When you're to play, several local alleys offer hours of bowling f...

DateAug. 18, 2021

Where to Go Paddleboarding in Dallas

Get some exercise while enjoying the great outdoors by organizing a day of paddleboarding in Dallas. Experience why people who paddleboard are so passionate about getting out into the ...

DateAug. 13, 2021

Order a Seafood Tower from These Restaurants in Dallas

Featuring everything from oysters to king crab legs, seafood towers offer the best from the sea. You can enjoy the offerings as a full meal or share them with friends. The restaurants ...

DateJul. 08, 2021

Enjoy Delicious Enchiladas from These Dallas Restaurants

A Mexican cuisine favorite, enchiladas feature tortillas filled with meat and other ingredients. They're covered with a delicious sauce before being baked to perfection. When you w...

DateApr. 23, 2021

3 Dallas Yoga Studios with Online Classes

Yoga is a journey, one that benefits your body, your mind, and your spirit. Yoga also brings a sense of calm and serenity that can help bring peace to any day. With great online class...

DateMar. 19, 2021

Find Your Fit at Shoe Stores in Dallas

Whether you need shoes or boots for work or play, several local stores can help. They offer online shopping and will ship your new footwear to your door. The shoe stores near our

DateMar. 05, 2021

Find Special Items at Gift Stores in Dallas

Whether you need a gift for a special occasion or just want to treat yourself, several local stores can help. They offer unique items, and you can shop online for delivery. The gift s...

DateFeb. 05, 2021

The Best Virtual Language Classes in Dallas

Learning a new language is a great way to meet new friends while deepening your connection to other cultures. Several local schools make studying easy through virtual language classes...

DateJan. 22, 2021

Get Together Online with a Book Club in Dallas

Whether you enjoy reading mysteries, sci-fi, or historical romance, Dallas has a book club for you. Many of the clubs are offering virtual fun, and new members are always welcome. Her...

DateDec. 11, 2020

The Best Fondue in Dallas for Pickup

Dating back to the 1600s, fondue originated as a way to use old bread and hard cheese during the winter months. Whether you like traditional cheese fondue or the delectable melted cho...

DateDec. 04, 2020

Order To-Go from Breweries in Dallas

Good news for beer-lovers: you’ll find several great breweries conveniently located near our apartments in Dallas. Whateve...

DateNov. 06, 2020

Dallas' Farm-to-Table Restaurants Offer Fresh Meals To-Go

Featuring menus made from fresh, local ingredients, Dallas' farm-to-table restaurants serve innovative dishes bursting with unforgettable flavors.

Many of the offerings cha...

DateAug. 14, 2020

Cool Down with Delicious Ice Cream To-Go

Every year, the average American eats more than 23 pounds of ice cream. The most popular flav...

DateJun. 05, 2020

The Best Takeout Pizza in Dallas

Sometimes you just want to spend a night in at our Dallas apartments with your favorite movie and a delicious takeout pizza. Whether classic pepperoni or a yummy veggie option, these t...

DateApr. 09, 2020

4 Places to Find Free Workouts Online

You don't need a gym to stay active—you don't even need any equipment! Thanks to the internet, you can follow along with a wide variety of workouts online from the comfort of y...

DateMar. 05, 2020

Enjoy a Crunchy Treat at These Local Popcorn Shops

Did you know that Americans eat approximately seventeen billion quarts of popcorn every year?

If you would like to enj...

DateNov. 06, 2019

3 Tasty Chinese Food Eateries in Dallas

When you're in downtown Dallas and you're craving out-of-the-ordinary savory, you've got to go for Chinese. Dallas is famous for its rich food scene and a vibrant arts cult...

DateOct. 09, 2019

Enjoy a Meal at a Restaurant Featured on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives

If you watch the Food Network, you've probably traveled across America with Guy Fieri in search of the country's best Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. His convertible h...

DateSep. 17, 2019

Go on a Treasure Hunt at These DFW Antique Shops

If you're searching for a conversation piece, head to one of the antique stores around our Dallas high rise apartments. The shops offer items over 100 years old, and if these items...

DateSep. 10, 2019

Where to Enjoy the Best Guacamole in Dallas

Avocados were first cultivated in Central America in 7,000 B.C. and the Aztecs developed guacamole as early a...

DateJul. 02, 2019

Juice Things Up in the Dallas Area

Whether you're recovering from a workout, trying to power through the week, or simply craving some concentrated nutrition, a freshly pressed juice might be exactly what you need. L...

DateMay. 01, 2019

Don't Miss the Free Country Music Concerts at Adair's Saloon

Are you searching for a honky tonk that offers delicious food and free entertainment?

Then look no further than Adair's Saloon.

Just nine minutes from Cirque, this ...

DateApr. 17, 2019

Find a Sweet Treat at a Downtown Dallas Bakery

Whether you have a craving for fudge brownies, red velvet cupcakes, or a slice of pecan pie, you can find these sweet treats and more at a local bakery.

Here are a few of our f...

DateMar. 03, 2022

Enjoy the Fresh Flavors of an Acai Bowl from Dallas Cafes

Originating in Brazil, acai bowls are smoothies served in bowl form, creating the perfect breakfast, lunch, or snack. They feature acai berries and toppings like granola and almond but...

DateFeb. 16, 2022

Enjoy a Night Out with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Internationally renowned, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra offers an entertaining musical experience that's not soon forgotten. It's home to dozens of skilled musicians who will h...

DateMar. 12, 2021

Try Delicious Stromboli in Dallas

Created in the U.S. by Italian-Americans, stromboli is a turnover filled with cheese and Italian meat or vegetables. Near Cirque, you can find this tasty dish at several restaurants. ...

DateFeb. 19, 2021

3 Top Spots for Caribbean Food in Dallas

Caribbean cuisine uses unique spices and fresh herbs to create a fusion of African, European, and Cajun dishes.It's enjoyed around the world, and chefs prepare curry goat, jerk por...

DateJan. 08, 2021

The Best Poke in Dallas

A famed Hawaiian dish, poke features rice, raw marinated fish, and an array of delicious toppings. Local restaurants offer their own interpretations, and you can order their creations...

DateSep. 11, 2020

The Best Veterinarians in Dallas with Curbside Service

From wellness exams to treating serious injuries, the veterinarians in Dallas offer compassionate care in state-of-the-art facilities. They stay current on the latest advancements and...

DateJun. 12, 2020

Learn Some Culinary Skills from These Local Dallas Chefs

For most of us, there is no better way to spend some quality time with family than making a favorite meal. Thanks to the effort of a few local chefs, you can try some unique recipes an...

DateMay. 29, 2020

Dallas Art Museums Offering Virtual Exhibits

Dallas, Texas is a thriving hub for arts and culture. While many of the art museums are temporarily closed, they have moved online to offer virtual exhibits and tours. Continue reading...

DateMay. 15, 2020

Perfect Stay-at-Home Podcasts

Staying in at Cirque is a perfect time to check out a podcast. Whether you are a newbie to podcasts or a veteran, there is ...

DateNov. 14, 2019

The Best Winter Events in Dallas this Season

These downtown Dallas apartments are perfectly placed in the middle of the city, giving residents easy access to all that Dallas has to offer. This winter, Dallas has tons of ...

DateAug. 13, 2019

Go for a Run on These Scenic Trails in Dallas

Running is a great way to explore nature while building your strength and improving your focus at the same time. If you want to lace up your running shoes, the area is home to dozens o...

DateAug. 05, 2019

The 2019 Dallas Chocolate Festival Is a Truly Sweet Celebration

There's no doubt about it--chocolate is good for the soul. It's incredibly enjoyable in nearly every form--chocolate ice cream on a hot summer day, hot cocoa on a cold winter d...

DateApr. 08, 2019

The Best Furniture Stores in Dallas

If you're looking to enhance your decor, head to one of the following furniture stores where you'll find showrooms filled with reclining sofas, ottomans, floor lamps, and so mu...

DateOct. 15, 2021

Make Discoveries at These Great Dallas Museums

Dallas is full of rich culture and history, and there is no better way to immerse yourself than to visit one of the many museums it has to offer. Just steps from our Dallas apartments,...

DateSep. 21, 2021

Enjoy the Challenges and Thrills of Table Tennis in Dallas

Originating in the 1800s, table tennis has grown to become one of the most popular sports. It's easy to learn, and all athletic abilities can join in the fun. Here in Dallas, you c...

DateFeb. 26, 2021

These Dallas Bakeries Offer Curbside Pickup

Even the best days can use a little sweetening up. Delicious desserts can bring a big smile to your face. These Dallas bakeries are now making sweetening your day easier than ever wit...

DateMay. 22, 2020

Three Local Zoos Providing Great Online Activities in the Dallas Area

Zoos and aquariums are a fantastic way to learn about other creatures, the environment, and even something about ourselves. The Dallas/Fort Worth area has a multitude of opportunities...

DateMay. 28, 2019

The Dallas Parks & Recreation Department Offers Much to See & Do

Dallas' park system dates back to 1876 when the city acquired ten acres of land adjacent to Browder Springs.

The Parks & Recreation Department strives to champion lifel...

DateMar. 22, 2019

The Dallas Farmers Market is Just Eight Minutes Away

What began as a humble horse and wagon wholesale business is now the city's hub for farm-fresh vegetables, dairy, and more. 

We're talking about the Dallas Farmers Mark...

DateAug. 05, 2021

Dallas Sports Teams You’ll Love to Watch

With six professional sports teams, Dallas keeps fans busy throughout the year. Along with attending games, you may also be able to tour their stadiums, located minutes away from our D...

DateFeb. 12, 2021

3 Nonprofits in Dallas to Support from Home

Nonprofits perform substantial work in changing the world. Their impact, however, is affected by the amount of support they receive. You can give these local nonprofits in Dallas what ...

DateOct. 16, 2020

Order Delivery from Dallas Clothing Stores

Whether you like the classic styles of yesteryear or today's modern trends, Dallas' clothing stores can help enhance your wardrobe. They offer easy online shopping and convenient deli...

DateApr. 03, 2020

Staying Focused While Working From Home

While working from home definitely has its perks, it also has some challenges. For many, staying focused is particularly challenging, and if you've been unexpectedly thrown into at...

DateMar. 18, 2020

4 Hidden Gems in Downtown Dallas

We understand now is not the best time to leave your home. However, we want to continue to highlight businesses in the area as something to look forward to. At this time, y...

DateMar. 12, 2020

Find a Great Read at These Dallas Bookstores

Books have a way of allowing us to live out our biggest dreams, discover our favorite stories, and simply educate ourselves in a variety of ways. They're easily one of the most enjoyab...

DateFeb. 07, 2020

Try the Best Crepes in Dallas

Did you know that crepes came to America in the 1930s?

They were brought by French chef Henri Charpentier w...

DateJan. 23, 2020

Soar to New Heights at These Indoor Skydiving Venues

Would you like to enjoy an adventure, unlike any other? Then try indoor skydiving. It originated in the early 1980s and simulates true freefall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. Wh...

DateDec. 23, 2019

Paint & Sip at These Fun Art Studios in Dallas

Many people have heard of paint and sip studios, where you can either BYOW or BYOB, to an art class and drink a little while following a teacher's step-by-step instructions. The st...

DateNov. 19, 2019

Where to Enjoy the Best Tortilla Soup in Dallas

Did you know that Mexico City is the home of tortilla soup?

A favorite for genera...

DateJul. 19, 2019

Indulge in Artisanal Cheeses at Scardello’s

Are you searching for handcrafted cheese and delicious accompaniments for your next party or game night? Then head to Scardello. This cut-to-order cheese shop is a local favorite, and ...

DateApr. 23, 2019

The Best Restaurants in Deep Ellum

Since 1873, Deep Ellum has been one of Dallas' most iconic neighborhoods. 

Once a haven for blues musicians, it's now a thriving dining destination for everything from ...

DateFeb. 28, 2019

Klyde Warren Park is Just Three Minutes Away

Just three minutes from Cirque is a vibrant destination known as the city's central gathering place.

It is called Klyde Warren Park, and its design is meant to create a sen...

DateFeb. 19, 2019

The Top Dallas Yoga Studios Are a Quick Drive from Cirque

Originally an Eastern practice, Yoga has become popular in the West, and it's enjoyed by millions of Americans every year.

This form of exercise can help minimize stress a...

DateJul. 21, 2021

Picnic Catering Companies in Dallas

Enjoy a beautiful summer's day in Dallas with a fun picnic! Hosting one is easier than ever when you have the help of local picnic catering businesses. Whether you're planning ...

DateJan. 29, 2021

Order Tasty Spring Rolls in Dallas

A delicious Asian snack, spring rolls feature rice paper filled with meat and minced vegetables. The recipes range by region, and the rolls are meant to have a soft and slightly stick...

DateSep. 25, 2020

Take a Virtual Tour in Dallas with Space Center Houston

To enjoy some out-of-this-world fun, take a virtual tour of Space Center Houston while staying right here in Dallas. Both an educational complex...

DateJul. 17, 2020

Tasty Breakfast Tacos for Takeout in Dallas, TX

Dallas is serving up some of the most delicious breakfast tacos in the state. There's no better way to enjoy these tacos than relaxing in your Dallas apartment while watching your fav...

DateFeb. 19, 2020

Enjoy a Fun Evening of Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is an exciting sport that's gaining popularity across the country. Players stand about ten to twelve feet from a target labeled with numbers. The closest they come to ...

DateJan. 15, 2020

Where to Find the Best Fish & Chips in Dallas

Did you know that the first fish and chips restaurant opened in the United Kingdom in the 1800s? Today...

DateJan. 08, 2020

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Area's Best Attractions

Would you like to get a unique look at the city's best attractions? If so, here are three places near our Dallas high rise apartments where you can enjoy an exciting behind-the-sce...

DateSep. 04, 2019

Create a Masterpiece at These DFW Glassblowing Classes

Did you know that glassblowing began around 2,000 years ago? Today, Texas is home to a glassblowing movement. If you would like to try your hand at this unique art form, visit one of t...

DateAug. 20, 2019

Enjoy a Night at an Irish Pub in Dallas

Do you want to enjoy a night of food and fun? Then head to one of the city's Irish pubs where you will find everything from upbeat music to lively rounds of trivia. Those near our ...

DateMar. 12, 2019

Three of the Best Brunch Spots in Dallas

With mimosas flowing, bacon sizzling, and buzzing morning conversation, brunch may be the best meal of the weekend.

Several Dallas restaurants serve up a mean spread. If you...

DateJun. 23, 2021

Explore the Best Destinations for Bird-Watching Around Dallas

If you enjoy bird-watching around Dallas, then you're not alone. Millions of Americans head to parks and other destinations every year to watch these feathery creatures. When you a...

DateMar. 26, 2021

These Dog Parks in Dallas Offer Tons of Fun

Dog parks near our Dallas apartments offer hours of outdoor fun for both you and your pooch. Head out for some quality pla...

DateJan. 15, 2021

The Best Nature Trails in Dallas

Easy access to a wide range of natural spaces is one of the best amenities of living at Cirque. If you're in the mood to s...

DateOct. 24, 2020

Take Virtual Classes from Dance Studios in Dallas

Dancing is a fun way to improve your strength, balance, and endurance as you learn new moves. If that sounds...

DateSep. 18, 2020

Where to Order a Delicious Burger in Dallas

From basic patties to one-of-a-kind creations, Dallas’ burger joints don't disappoint. When you're ready for a burger and a side of fries, these burger restaurants near our sandwiches have been a favorite for generations. Today, Americans eat a...

DateJan. 03, 2020

Where to Enjoy the Best Pierogies in the Metroplex

Pierogies are small dough dumplings stuffed with a filling such as cheese or potatoes. They're a staple in Central and Eastern European kitchens, and chefs typically serve them wit...

DateDec. 17, 2019

Enjoy the Best Vegetarian Fare in Dallas

Are you wondering where you can enjoy a quality vegetarian meal? If so, here are a few restaurants near our downtown Dallas apartments that serve everything from tofu curry to fried pa...

DateDec. 12, 2019

Explore the City's Music Stores

Do you enjoy spinning records or learning to read music? If so, head to one of these shops near our downtown Dallas apartments to discover the newest vinyl records and songbooks in a v...

DateOct. 15, 2019

Grab a New Read at These Independent Bookstores in Dallas

The popularity of bookstores is on the rise because of the great community-building they provide. They are warm and welcoming places to grab a new read, hear an author speak, and meet ...

DateJul. 26, 2019

Kick Dinner Up a Notch with These Unique Dining Experiences

Did you know that Dallas is home to thousands of restaurants? Among them are those that offer a unique experience. Depending on where you go, you could grill your own meat right at you...

DateFeb. 12, 2019

Where You Can Find the Best Pizza in Dallas

Did you know that the average American eats approximately 46 pizza slices every year?

Whether you like your pizza topped with sausage, ham, or three types of cheese, you can en...

DateJun. 18, 2021

Local Stores Selling Dazzling Jewelry in Dallas

If you want to spruce up your outfit from casual to sophisticated, exquisite jewelry will do the trick for you. There are many great jewelry stores near our Dallas apartments that offe...

DateDec. 18, 2020

Shop Online from Kitchenware Stores in Dallas

Whether you enjoy preparing savory entrees or delectable baked goods, local stores have everything you need to create and serve your tried-and-true recipes. You can place an order onl...

DateSep. 04, 2020

The Best Spots for Takeout Barbecue in Dallas

All meats on the Pecan Lodge menu are prepared according to time-tested traditions for juicy, flavorful barbecue. That means being smoked slowly ...

DateAug. 28, 2020

Enjoy Authentic Thai Cuisine To-Go

Whether you have a craving for drunken noodles, sticky rice, or green curry, several local restaurants take diners on a culinary journey throughout Thailand. When you're ready for som...

DateJul. 10, 2019

Enjoy a Scoop of Gelato at a Nearby Shop

Did you know that gelato hails from northern Italy? Its name means frozen in Italian, and it's made from fruit, sugar, and milk. If you would like to enjoy a scoop, the best gelato...

DateFeb. 26, 2019

Enjoy the Best Margaritas in Dallas

Whether frozen or on the rocks, margaritas are one of Dallas' favorite cocktails.

If you would like to meet friends for this refreshing drink, the best destinations includ...

DateNov. 24, 2020

Grab a Drink To-Go from Local Dallas Coffee Shops

There's nothing better than a relaxing cup of coffee or tea in the morning, or maybe you'd rather enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up. Either way, these coffee shops near our Dallas apartme...

DateAug. 21, 2020

Check Out Virtual Events and More from the Dallas Public Library

If you're looking for something fun to do on a Friday night, consider a book club. Or a crafting hour. Maybe even a yoga session. The Dallas Public Library's Samuel Lynne Galleries was born. The artists create one...

DateJul. 06, 2020

Dallas' Music Schools Offer Online Classes

Playing an instrument emotionally nurtures creativity and imagination. I...

DateNov. 25, 2019

Embrace the Holiday Season at These Local Attractions

Not far from your apartment in Downtown Dallas you'll find an array of things to do this winter season. These exciting events and attractions are sure to put you in the holiday spi...

DateSep. 25, 2019

Enjoy Fall Fun at a Nearby Farm

Now that it's fall, it's time for scarecrows, candy apples, and entertainment at local farms. The farms around DFW offer everything from pumpkin picking to challenging corn maz...

DateNov. 13, 2020

Dallas's Samuel Lynne Galleries Offers One-of-a-Kind Pieces

When JD Miller and Philip Romano decided to represent a select group of artists, the Samuel Lynne Galleries was born. The artists create one...

DateOct. 05, 2020

Order the Best Beignets in Dallas

Brought to the United States by French colonists, beignets feature deep-fried dough dusted with powdered sugar. They're typical...

DateJun. 26, 2020

Learn How to Write With These Online Writing Workshops

Whether you're a budding poet or a veteran screenwriter, you'll benefit from taking a writing class. Now you can join classes online withdowntown Dallas apartments. A good way to stay warm...

DateOct. 02, 2019

Ride on the Big D Trolley to Reunion Tower

With all of the sightseeing opportunities to enjoy near your apartments in downtown Dallas, there is one that maximizes the experience in a single package. In the heart of downtown, to...

DateJun. 21, 2019

Check Out a Downtown Dallas Wine Bar

Whether you prefer a bold cabernet or a crisp chardonnay, you can find the glass for you at a wine bar in Downtown Dallas.

If this sounds good to you, the best wine bars near C...

DateApr. 02, 2019

Cheer on the Texas Rangers at a Downtown Dallas Sports Bar

Watching the Texas Rangers with a crowd is a great way to spend an evening.

If this sounds like fun to you, head to one of the following sports bars where you can also enjoy a ...

DateMar. 18, 2019

Live in Luxury at a Spa in Dallas

Enjoying a European facial or a deep tissue massage is a great way to relax on a Saturday afternoon.

Are you overdue for a day of pampering? Dallas is home to a slew of spas th...

DateJan. 14, 2019

Welcome To Our Blog!

Downtown Dallas is home to a variety of fantastic restaurants, shops, and entertainment destinations. With so many options, how does one choose their evening plans, weekend adventures,...

DateOct. 30, 2020

Explore Fort Worth's Log Cabin Village from Home

Nestled in nearby Fort Worth, it's a living history museum where visitors "escape the present to experience the past." Many of the structures date back to the mid-1800s. They were mov...

DateJun. 18, 2020

Three Fantastic Wine Shops that Deliver in Dallas

There is nothing like a good bottle of wine, especially when it comes right to your door. Dallas has a multitude of great wineries and wine stores and now many of them will deliver rig...

DateApr. 24, 2020

Three Easy House Projects That Help Make Your Apartment Your Own

House projects are a great way to express your creativity, have some fun, and make your apartment your own. There are little things that you can do that will make a big difference in g...

DateDec. 04, 2019

Enjoy the Best French Toast in Dallas

Did you know that French toast is a centuries-old dish? It dates back to medieval times and was originally...

DateJun. 04, 2019

Tour Downtown Dallas on the McKinney Avenue Trolley

Did you know that the McKinney Avenue Trolley offers free rides to some of the city's best destinations?

The M-Line was established in 1983 with the mission of returning he...

DateMar. 28, 2019

Shop 'Til You Drop at Galleria Dallas

Galleria Dallas is just fifteen minutes from Cirque, and it offers a shopping experience unlike any other.

It stands four-stories, and because Dallas is defined by everything f...

DateMay. 08, 2020

Blogging is the Perfect Stay-At-Home Activity

Now is the perfect time to become a content creator. Blogging is a great strategy to organize your thoughts about topics that you enjoy. There are countless blogs about endless topics ...

DateAug. 27, 2019

Get a Clue at This Exciting Escape Room in Downtown Dallas

A Room with a Clue is an escape room located near your apartments in downtown Dallas. Escape rooms are really just logic games designed to be solved by groups of people, usually betwee...

DateJun. 18, 2019

Celebrate Taco Tuesday in Dallas

Throughout Dallas, you can find ways to celebrate and enjoy Mexican culture through art, festivals, and food. Tex-Mex cuisine, in particular, has flourished throughout the city and has...

DateJun. 12, 2019

The Best Pilates Studios in Dallas

Did you know that twelve million people practice Pilates worldwide?

If you would like to give this low-impact exercise a try, visit one of these studios where you'll enjoy ...

DateJun. 08, 2022

Have Your Car Serviced by the Best Auto Shops in Downtown Dallas

There's an expectation that you should keep your car in the best shape possible. It helps prevent failed brakes, wiring problems, overheating, as well as flat tires, among other au...

DateMay. 13, 2022

Donate Your Time at Dallas Food Banks

For a way to give back to the community, consider donating your time at these Dallas area food banks. You'll enjoy helping others and may even learn a new skill or two.


DateMay. 20, 2022

Dallas Dog Walkers Take Your Pup on Fun Adventures

With work and busy social schedules, you can quickly run out of time to give your dog the attention it needs. Thankfully, you can hire someone to take your canine companion on fun adv...

DateJun. 16, 2022

Cool Off This Summer at the Best Water Parks in Dallas

Summers in Dallas tend to get hot. Whether you're used to the Texas heat or are new to the equatorial glow, you can always find a place to cool off in the city. Best of all, these ...

DateJun. 24, 2022

Meet Friends at the Best Lunch Eateries in Dallas

Whether you enjoy eating soup and salad for lunch or something a bit more hearty, local restaurants offer delicious noontime meals. You can even discover your new go-to lunch when you ...

DateJun. 30, 2022

Find All Your Equipment at Dallas Sporting Goods Stores

When it's time to replace your equipment or pick up a new sports fan t-shirt, Dallas sporting goods stores have you covered! They offer everything you need, from new running shoes ...

DateApr. 17, 2020

Stay Connected with a Virtual Party

The human connection is important in almost every relationship. Whether it's with co-workers, friends or family, staying connected plays a big role. Fortunately, there are lots of ...

DateOct. 23, 2019

The Best Museums to Visit in Downtown Dallas

Cirque is only a one-mile walk or quick 5-minute drive to the beautiful Dallas Art District.  There, surrounding the lively Klyde Warren Park, you will find the best museums near your ...

DateApr. 25, 2022

Have a Taste of Delicious Ethiopian Food from Dallas Restaurants

Ethiopia is home to unique, well-crafted cuisines that hit your palates in all the right places. You can enjoy the awesomeness of Ethiopian food right here in Dallas.

Check out...

DateAug. 04, 2022

Shop for Handmade Soap at Shops in Dallas

When you want to shop for soap made the old-fashioned way, several stores around Dallas have you covered. They offer a wide range of scents, and you may also find other products like b...

DateMar. 25, 2020

Tasty and Easy Recipes to Make from Items in Your Pantry

Some of the best recipes you can make are found from basic items found right in your pantry.  Social distancing has necessitated everyone spending more time at home, which translates i...

DateMay. 14, 2019

Sip Beer at the Best Breweries in the DFW Metroplex

Did you know that beer was invented in Iran approximately 7,500 years ago?

Today, it's one of the most popular beverages, and whether you like lagers or IPAs, you can enjoy...

DateMay. 05, 2022

Treat Yourself at Dallas Ice Cream Shops

With the humid temperatures approaching Texas, you'll need a delicious, frozen dessert to help keep you cool. You can create your own ice cream flavor or find treats to meet your s...

DateJul. 22, 2022

Explore the Most Dog-Friendly Cafes in Dallas

Downtown Dallas can offer a breathtaking view of the city around you, but your animal companion always keeps you down-to-earth. Dogs make wonderful apartment companions and, in Dallas,...

DateFeb. 27, 2020

Check Out These 2020 Spring Events in Dallas

Spring is on its way which means that the weather will soon be perfect for festivals. Your downtown Dallas apartment is conveniently located in the heart of the city, making it easy t...

DateJul. 15, 2022

Where to Enjoy Classic and Uniquely Flavored Sodas around Dallas

Whether you call it soda or pop, several shops around Dallas offer everything from time-honored favorites to those you might not find anywhere else. When you are ready to enjoy a refre...

DateJul. 29, 2022

Experience Tremendous Flavor from African Restaurants in Dallas

Africa is a unique continent with a variety of meals with flavors that will leave you asking for more. But you do not need to travel far to enjoy such flavors. In fact, you can find th...

DateAug. 12, 2022

Spend a Memorable Day at Museums around Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas is one of the best places to live for local museums. There are museums within walking distance of each other with reasonable fares to explore several in a single day or...

DateAug. 16, 2022

Explore the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas

Not far from Cirque is a lively destination that connects people and culture. We are talking about the AT&T Discovery District, and it's where you can enjoy everything from gou...

DateAug. 23, 2022

Have Fun with Friends at Game & Entertainment Centers in Dallas

Dallas is a city full of life; there is always something to do. Residents enjoy close access to restaurants, events, concerts, and local service centers. Dallas also doubles as a gamin...

DateSep. 08, 2022

Dallas Frame Shops Preserve Your Memories

Whether you want to hang your latest cross-stitch project or preserve old family letters, several shops in Dallas can help. They offer high-quality framing services so you can proudly ...

DateSep. 13, 2022

Enjoy These Meal Prep Services in Dallas

Everyone loves a good meal; well-prepared, in the right portions, and nutrient-packed. But the preparation aspect might be a nightmare to many, especially if you are in a fast-paced ca...

DateSep. 23, 2022

Help Your Pup Learn Basic Commands with These Dog Trainers in Dallas

From puppies to adults, dog trainers in Dallas work with all ages and breeds. They teach basic commands, help with separation anxiety, and more. Some of the expert dog trainers near ou...

DateOct. 06, 2022

Dallas Cooking Classes Enhance Your Kitchen Skills

If you are a novice looking to gain confidence in the kitchen or a cooking wizard looking to perfect your skills, we have something interesting for you! Here are some of the best cooki...

DateOct. 14, 2022

Dallas Murals Show Off the Skill of Talented Local Artists

Whether you're a new resident or a long-time Dallasite, you'll love exploring the city for incredible murals, each one more photogenic than the last. You can find these vibrant...

DateOct. 28, 2022

Discover a New Favorite Hobby at Sewing Classes around Dallas

If you're looking for something different to do, bring out your creativity during fun sewing classes. Several local shops welcome all abilities, whether you're a seasoned pro o...

DateNov. 03, 2022

Meet Your Friends for a Bite at These Tapas Restaurants around Dallas

For some light bites, meet your friends for tapas. They're served at several area restaurants and range from simple one-ingredient dishes to more complex ones packed full of flavor...

DateNov. 10, 2022

Keep Active with Running Clubs around Dallas

Running clubs offer a great way to stay fit as you enjoy some socializing fun. When you're ready for regular workouts, join one of these running clubs near our apartments in ...

DateFeb. 24, 2023

Where to Enjoy Volleyball Fun Around Dallas

Full of adrenaline, bumps, sets, and spikes, volleyball is an exciting sport you can play in pairs or on a team. If it has been a while since you played volleyball, grab your friends a...

DateNov. 23, 2022

Discover a New Way to Workout with Goat Yoga Dallas

Yoga is a time to relax, get centered, and feel happy—which is why adding animals into the mix makes it all the more appealing. There's nothing more cheerful than getting in some m...

DateDec. 21, 2022

Order Delicious Treats from These Bakeries in Dallas

There's something amazingly satisfying about freshly baked bread and desserts. Whether you want a special treat for a party or a simple delicious pastry, bakeries around our

DateJan. 10, 2023

Enjoy Your Free Time When You Volunteer at a Dallas Museum

If you enjoy exploring museums, consider becoming a volunteer. You can give back to your community when you volunteer to work as a docent, event assistant, and more. Here are a few of ...

DateDec. 28, 2022

Visit Educational Attractions at the University of Texas at Dallas

Known for its degree programs, The University of Texas at Dallas also offers attractions that welcome the public to come and explo...

DateFeb. 10, 2023

Enjoy a Day of Fossil Hunting Around Dallas

For a unique way to spend time outdoors, grab a small shovel and enjoy a day of fossil hunting. You might find everything from shark teeth to shells that are millions of years old. The...

DateMar. 10, 2023

Savor Your Tastebuds with Crawfish Around Dallas

If you have a taste for crawfish, several local restaurants have you covered. This Cajun staple is typically served between February and May and is best enjoyed with friends. The best ...

DateMar. 16, 2023

Dine at These Top Cajun Restaurants in Dallas

For a hearty meal, consider visiting a Cajun restaurant. You won't even have to catch a flight to New Orleans! These restaurants near our Find Google's privacy policy here.




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